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The Trump Effect

July 5, 2017 - Author: Jamiel Fletcher

Since my last blog had a lot of information, I want to break it down and really talk more about the effect that this possible act is going to have on Palatine Welding. Now as I said before, this new act will most likely cause a shortage in the steel industry. But what exactly does that mean for us and other companies similar to us? For the past 5 years or so, the price of steel has been predominantly dropping, which is great for companies like us and our customers.

However, Trumps new order may change the price of steel drastically due to the shortage that will most likely happen immediately after the order is passed. Now not only would this act affect the prices of our steel, but it also threatens our ability to make estimates for sales over long periods of time. For example, if  a customer were to ask us to make an estimate for a job every month for a year, and to keep that price the same, that would be very difficult. This is because we are not sure if prices will be rising soon. If we make an estimate that our steel will cost a certain amount each month, and then a month later the steel prices increase due to Trump’s order being passed, that would be a problem for us. This idea Trump has is making it very hard to be certain about the estimates that we are making for each job. However, this is not all bad news for our company. In the long run, the prices of steel will most likely go way down due to the fact that we will not have to get the steel from oversees anymore. This will make our estimates better and cheaper for our customers who are trying to do business with us. However, we have to be prepared for the immediate shortage in case this actually does go through. It would not be probable to turn a blind eye and hope that the act doesn’t pass. We have to keep in mind that the act might actually pass, and make our estimates to the best of our abilities based on what is going on in the steel industry, and what will be going on in the future.

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Cracking Down on Steel Imports: Good or Bad News?

June 20, 2017 - Author: Jamiel Fletcher

Whether you are a Trump supporter, not a Trump supporter, a Democrat, or a Republican, if you are in the steel industry, Trump’s new act is something that will affect you personally.


I’m not going to talk about Trump or his presidency, because everyone has different views, and for the purpose of my blog, I am neutral. However, being an employee of a steel fabrication company has me wondering how Trump’s steel order will affect Palatine Welding personally. For those who don’t know, Trump is attempting to “crack down” on the imports of steel from China to America. In order to do this, he has to prove that importing steel is doing more damage than good. Trump’s argument is that importing steel is killing jobs and hurting steel companies. If he manages to win this argument, his plan is to put tariffs on imported steel, so companies in the US would be better off buying steel from a local steel mill. Now this might seem like a good thing, and that every company will be better off and get cheaper steel, but after doing research, I’m not quite sure that is the case. Some companies that buy the steel directly from the mill will be better off because it will be cheaper opposed to the foreign steel. However, there won’t be nearly as much steel as there was when we were importing steel from China. This will most likely cause a shortage. If companies who buy from the mills don’t have that much steel to begin with, they will most likely raise the price of their steel to be able to keep up with their sales. Then, companies lower down on the chain, like Palatine Welding, will have increased prices for steel. With this being said, I’m not quite sure how I feel about Trump’s steel order. Yes, in the long run it could help the steel industry prosper and create more job opportunities for those who need it. However, there will be a big change in the steel industry for a time. Whether it is brief or drawn out, a shortage would be rough for a smaller company like Palatine Welding. Either way, there are both positives and negatives that will have to be dealt with, so I guess it’s just a matter of time until we know which ones.

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A good Article about Mig Welding!

November 13, 2014 - Author: don.ellis

Underestimating Mig Welding Skills

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November 5, 2014 - Author: don.ellis


Palatine Welding Company has completed the installation of a state of the art Hypertherm CNC plasma cutting system.

Our new system is operating with a HPR-260XD HyPerformance Plasma, ArcGlide THC & Lifter, as well as a Hypertherm Edge-Pro CNC control.

These new pieces of equipment along with ProNest software will enable us to continue to provide our customers with excellent quality as well as timely delivery of parts.

Our plasma cutting capabilities for mild steel dross free up to 1-1/4” with a maximum production pierce of 1-1/2” thick.  We can also cut stainless steels up to ¾”.

This addition to our equipment line follows Palatine Welding Company’s commitment to improved precision, and improved productivity in metal fabricated parts.

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October 2, 2014 - Author: don.ellis

Proudly Made in the USA.

It is important that USA Manufacturers remain competitive with the rest of the civilized world.

We can keep this Work at home. We must keep our people productive.


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Industrial Product Metals Fabrication

October 1, 2014 - Author: don.ellis

The Carbon Steel Hopper pictured here is lined with Stainless Steel for Abrasion Resistant’s on the interior sliding bottom surface.

Stainless Steel Lined - Carbon Steel Hopper

Stainless Steel Lined – Carbon Steel Hopper

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The Beauty of Weldments

- Author: don.ellis

This Carbon Steel Plate Hydraulic Cylinder Weldment made up of 3-1/4″ thick and 1-1/2″ thick plate steel is a good representation of the pure beauty of our industry at it’s best. May we weld on, and prosper.

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Plastic Recycling

September 25, 2014 - Author: don.ellis

These Large Steel Plate Ducts will go to a Plastics Recycling Plant. Yea!!, for Recycling using Recyclable materials.

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Millenials – Next

- Author: don.ellis

Our Production Managers Daughters are showing off their cuteness on the Palatine Welding Truck.
photo 2

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A Good Customer Leaving Town

September 24, 2014 - Author: don.ellis

It’s very disappointing to hear this week that one of our good customers for the past 35 yrs. is leaving town for Overseas Manufacturing of their product that was made here. The 2 Elgin, IL. facilities that are now Siemens, and before that were Flender Corporation is closing their facilities down.

Palatine Welding is sadden by this event, and will certainly miss the people here that we have known, and the work sent our way over the years.

As we know that nothing is forever, we must keep on keeping on. That is just what we are all about. We will keep on producing the Steel Projects that support our Manufacturing partners, to produce products wherever they may be, or be going to.

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