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November 5, 2014 - Author: don.ellis - Comments are closed


Palatine Welding Company has completed the installation of a state of the art Hypertherm CNC plasma cutting system.

Our new system is operating with a HPR-260XD HyPerformance Plasma, ArcGlide THC & Lifter, as well as a Hypertherm Edge-Pro CNC control.

These new pieces of equipment along with ProNest software will enable us to continue to provide our customers with excellent quality as well as timely delivery of parts.

Our plasma cutting capabilities for mild steel dross free up to 1-1/4” with a maximum production pierce of 1-1/2” thick.  We can also cut stainless steels up to ¾”.

This addition to our equipment line follows Palatine Welding Company’s commitment to improved precision, and improved productivity in metal fabricated parts.

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